Why a Blog - And the inaugural post

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Why a blog?

Why a blog? Why now? Well, that’s a good question. I like to write, I have many opinions about this industry (no surprise to some of you) I have been involved in for nearly forty years and I don't think the world of wine is very well covered in the local (Seattle) media. So, why not me?

It's my hope that I won't be the only one posting here, and I hope my (our) posts will be guided by your questions, concerns and curiosities about anything having to do with wine. But in the meantime I have something that has been on my mind.

It's a big world after all

If one were to read only our local food and wine media one might think that the only wines in the world were made in Washington. This puzzles me because how can you love the world of wine and all its fascinating facets and write only about Washington wine? Now let me say right here that this is not a slam on the Washington wine industry. I was brought up with them, have promoted them, talk to people from all over the country and world about them and have done it for 36 years at Pike and Western.  I think that the growth of the Washington wine industry has been a big factor in Seattle becoming a significant restaurant/food city. But there is more to wine that that which is grown in Washington, and a greater understanding of our local wines can be gained by learning about the rest of the world’s wines. The problem is you won’t read about it in the local press. It’s all Washington, all the time (Ok, most of the time).

Great winemakers from around the world are in Seattle all the time and, unless your read our emails or Dan and Jay’s at McCarthy and Schiering you would never know it. I am not saying don t write about local wines, just be more, you know, inclusive. I know from experience that people are curious about what is out there and will read about a small producer from southern France who, I guarantee has great stories to tell. And what writer doesn’t love a great story?

What do you think?